Pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH CF15-1-E

Technical data:

  • Working pressure: 4.8-8.3(bar)
  • Air Consumption per shot @ 5.6 bar: 2.14(liters)
  • Weight: 2.65(kg)
  • Width: 89(mm)
  • Lenght: 291(mm)
  • Height: 277(mm)
  • Magazine capacity max: 100(staples)

Fasteners specification:

  • Staple type: CF
  • Staple crown: 24.4(mm)
  • Staple lenght: 10-15(mm)

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SKU: CF15-1-E

Pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH CF15-1-E

Stapler for specific corrugated staples/fasteners BOSTITCH CF15-1-E. Suitable for connecting the frames of cabinets, furniture, garden programs, paintings, doors, windows and other wooden products. The stapler features a comfortable, rubberized handle, magnesium body, adjustable discharge, anti-slip bumpers and adjustable staple cover. The tool is suitable for heavy duty industrial use. Present day BOSTITCH offers a wide range of high-quality manual and pneumatic tools and fasteners in such major industries as – construction, packaging, production of pallets, furniture and garden products, automotive industry, etc.