Pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH 21680B-LN-E

Technical data:

  • Working pressure: 4.9-8.4(bar)
  • Air Consumption per shot @ 5.6 bar: 0.17(liters)
  • Weight: 0.89(kg)
  • Width: 40(mm)
  • Length: 221(mm)
  • Height: 150(mm)
  • Magazine capacity max: 139(staples)

Fasteners specification:

  • Staple type: 80
  • Staple crown: 12.8(mm)
  • Staple lenght: 4-16(mm)

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SKU: 80/TU-216-80LN-E

Pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH 21680B-LN-E

Lightweight and compact professional pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH 21680B-LN-E  with versatile applications in both the manufacturing, building and construction industries. The tool is perfectly suited for the furniture manufacturing process – for upholstering, theatrical performances, films, shop window decorations and exhibitions, fixing insulation membranes, films and picture frames. Also for many other indoor applications. The tool uses type 80 staples 4 to 16 millimeters long, with a spine width of 12.8 millimeters. If necessary, both galvanized and stainless steel staples can be used. This model has an extended staples discharge nose for easier access in hard to reach places. Present days BOSTITCH offers a wide range of high-quality manual and pneumatic tools and fasteners in such major industries as – construction, packaging, production of pallets, furniture and garden products, automotive industry, etc.