Pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH S5650-6-E

Technical data:

  • Working pressure: 5.5-8.3(bar)
  • Air Consumption per shot @ 5.6 bar: 1.5(liters)
  • Weight: 2.0(kg)
  • Width: 78(mm)
  • Lenght: 360(mm)
  • Height: 272(mm)
  • Magazine capacity max: 140(staples)

Fasteners specification:

  • Staple type: 14
  • Staple crown: 11.1(mm)
  • Staple lenght: 25-50(mm)

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SKU: S5650-6-E

Pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH S5650-6-E

The professional pneumatic stapler BOSTITCH S5650-6-E ideal for use in the furniture manufacturing industry (assembling furniture cases). Companies working in the field of construction will also be able to appreciate this pneumatic stapler (for fastening OSB and chipboard). The instrument uses type 14 staples 25 to 50 millimeters long. Staples spine width of 11.1 millimeters. If necessary, both galvanized and stainless steel clamps can be used – it depends on the influence of the external environment. The tool is equipped with a safety mechanism that prevents accidental discharge of the clamp.

Pneumatic staplers BOSTITCH S5650-6-E the discharge of clamps can be adjusted in two modes – discharge of clamps one by one or several without pressing the discharge trigger. The body of the tool is made of magnesium. It has an ergonomic and rubberized handle that reduces vibration and strain on the hands and makes working with the tool more comfortable. The nose of the stapler is equipped with a wear-resistant insert. When using a compressor, this stapler must provide adequate air working pressure. Pressure should be between 5.5 and 8.3 bar. Present day BOSTITCH offers a wide range of high-quality manual and pneumatic tools and fasteners in such major industries as – construction, packaging, production of pallets, furniture and garden products, automotive industry, etc.