Wire coil nails 2.03x30mm, ring, bright

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Nails in rolls, bright, ring and in 15° wire bond for fastening wooden structures.


  • Diameter: 2.03mm
  • Lenght: 30mm
  • Collation angle: 15°
  • Binding: wire
  • Surface: ring
  • Coating: bright

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SKU: N2.03-30RC

Wire coil nails 2.03x30mm, ring, bright

Wire coil nails 2.03x30mm, ring, bright. Nails in rolls in a metal wire connection for fastening wooden structures. Nails in rolls of different lengths, diameters and coatings are indispensable fasteners for wooden frame houses, pallets, carpentry and other companies working in the industrial production or construction industry. The nails in rolls are intended for use in work with the corresponding pneumatic nailers.