Pneumatic nailer BOSTITCH F21 21º/45-90mm

Technical data:

  • Working pressure: 4.8-8.4(bar)
  • Air Consumption per shot @ 5.6 bar: 2.47(liters)
  • Weight: 3.7(kg)
  • Width: 133(mm)
  • Length: 517(mm)
  • Height: 355(mm)
  • Magazine capacity max: 50(nails)

Fasteners specification:

  • Nail diameter: 2.5-3.3(mm)
  • Nail lenght: 45-90(mm)
  • Nail head: 6.7-7(mm)
  • Collation type: plastic
  • Collation angle: 21º

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Pneumatic nailer BOSTITCH F21

Pneumatic nailer BOSTITCH F21 excellent for strengthening wooden constructions both during the construction and production process. The position of the nail magazine makes it easy to use the tool in narrow and hard-to-reach places. The pneumatic nailer F21PL-E is equipped with a durable magnesium body, a depth regulator and an ergonomic rubber handle. Up to 50 nails with a diameter of 2.5-3.3 millimeters, a length of 45-90 millimeters and a position of the nails in a plastic binding at an angle of 21° can be loaded into the nail magazine.