Brake cleaner RECA CLEAN 500ML

RECA CLEAN is the ideal cleaner for use in all areas of industry, in crafts, and during repair and installation work. Clean removes all oily and greasy contamination, e.g. on brakes (drum and disc brakes, linings, brake pads, cylinders, springs and bushes), on clutches (clutch linings and clutch parts), on engine parts (carburettors, petrol and oil pumps, gearboxes etc.).

  • Cleans all types of metals
  • Economical in use
  • Gasoline based
  • Does not contain acetone


  • Do not spray on hot parts
  • Check whether rubber/plastic parts and painted surfaces are compatible before use

RECA ķīmijas produkta ikona - bīstams veselībaiRECA ķīmijas produkta ikona - bīstamsRECA ķīmijas produkta ikona - uzliesmojošsRECA ķīmijas produkta ikona - kaitīgs videi

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